• IETF RFC 6455 and W3C compatible APIs
  • Available for Linux, Windows (executables and services) and Mac OSX and all Java compliant operating systems
  • Sharing of standard ports 80 and 443 between http/https and ws/wss
  • Session-Management, automatic re-connection, keep-alive support
  • Transaction support, delivery acknowledge, chunking and compression support
  • Various Server Integrations (Apache Tomcat, Jetty, Grizzly/Glassfish), NIO support


  • JavaScript browser client, (fully cross browser compatible Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer) minified for load acceleration and obfuscated for additional security
  • FlashBridge and Comet/LongPolling support for older, non-WebSocket compliant browser
  • Java SE for native real time desktop apps
  • Java ME for older mobile phones
  • Android for native mobile apps
  • C# for .NET applications


  • Full SSL/TLS support (wss:// protocol)
  • Inbound/outbound filters
  • Role based authentication and authorization system (static, JDBC, LDAP, SSO pending)
  • Based on the Spring Security Framework
  • Captcha and quota support


  • Arduino Plug-in: Hardware remote control and monitoring with Arduino
  • Benchmark Plug-in: Speed-Measurement and communication profiling support
  • Channel Plug-in: Implementation of the Channel based communication model
  • Chat Plug-in: Support for chats rooms, group and private real time chats
  • Cluster Plug-in: Scaling support for jWebSocker server clustering
  • Events Plug-in: Implementation of the Event based communication model
  • External Processes Plug-in: CGI support for 3rd party processes and console apps
  • Filesystem Plug-in: Public and private folders with realtime update notifications
  • ItemStorage Plug-in: Support for real time data synchronization between clients
  • JCaptcha Plug-in: Captcha support for human identification
  • JDBC Plug-in: Database access, cache, synchronization and update notifications
  • JMX Plug-in: WebSocket interface to the Java EE Management Extensions
  • JMS Plug-in: WebSocket interface to the Java EE Messaging Services
  • JQuery Plug-in: Real time data exchange support for jQuery and jQuery Mobile
  • Logging Plug-in: Debugging, Server and Client Logging with WebSockets
  • Mail Plug-in: Mail support for SMTP, POP3 and IMAP via WebSockets
  • Monitoring Plug-in: Remote server monitoring with the Sigar Library
  • Reporting Plug-in: Support for Jasper Reports via WebSockets
  • RPC Plug-in: Remote Procedure Calls, Client-2-Server, Server-To-Client, C2C
  • RTC Plug-in: P2P support for WebRTC clients (in progress)
  • Scripting Plug-in: Server side JavaScript support with Rhino, Nashorn and Google V8 (in progress)
  • Sencha Plug-in: Real time data exchange support for Sencha/Sencha Touch/ExtJS
  • Shared Canvas Plug-in: Demo to share a HTML5 canvas in realtime, a virtual white board
  • SMS Plug-in: Support for various providers to distribute Short Messages (SMS)
  • Statistics Plug-in: Access and user statics for WebSocket based services
  • Streaming Plug-in: Demo how to realize streaming services via WebSockets
  • Test Plug-in: Developer support for token, response and error processing
  • Twitter Plug-in: WebSocket Interface to the Twitter Streaming Services
  • XMPP Plug-in: WebSocket Interface to the Jabber/XMPP communication services

For Developers

  • Quick start with basic API with connect, login, send, broadcast, receive, logout and disconnect methods
  • Storage API's per server, per app, per session or per connection, including implementations for Memory (RAM), MongoDB, EhCache, Memcached and JDBC
  • Notifications for server started/stopped, session started/stopped, connection started/stopped, client logged-in/logged-out
  • Full access to all encoding, encrypting and compression methods, for e.g. MD5, base64 or gzip on the server and on the client
  • Comprehensive logging and debugging support, with log4j on the server and on the client
  • Complete Jasmine based automated test suite included
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